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A lot of what we get taught about the Bible, God, Jesus, sin and forgiveness is harmful and, well, wrong. From the way some Bibles are translated, to the commentary in study Bibles to what we learn (and don't learn) in church & Bible study, we learn a Bible that is weaponized to do harm in the name of "salvation." Even those of us who weren't raised in a context that directly teaches harmful beliefs, they can make their way into our lives.

Join us for conversation about the lenses we all use to read Christian scripture, the importance of translation, context and history. Come ask questions, get angry, and encounter mystery. Let go of what other people have told you the Bible is and figure out what it is and what it means for you.

Join us Sundays at noon at Hi-Wire RAD or Thursdays at 11 at BattleCat!

What's the schedule like?

Our schedule will be determined by the folk interested in doing this together, and will be a drop in study. Come when you can!

Who is this for?

This study is for anyone who aligns with CSP's beliefs, values and boundaries and wants to read the Bible through a lens of liberation, whether you are strongly rooted in your own faith, questioning whether you want to stay, or you have left Christianity but want to have a new way of talking about it. We value curiosity and welcome people approaching scripture and others through a lens of curiosity and compassion. This will not be a space for proof texting or "literal" approaches to scripture.

It will be useful, but not required, to have some kind of New Revised Standard Version edition of the Bible.

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