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Meeting the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month at 7:00pm

At Elizabeth's House in N. Asheville



Sept-Dec 2023

Fall is a time for harvesting. We look at what we have grown over the past year, deciding what we want to preserve and what we want to let go of. This season we will be working with rituals and practices for letting go of what no longer serves who we want to be.


Dec 2023-March 2024

Winter is a season for rest and reflection.

We will spend this time learning practices for discernment, listening, and figuring out what we want to plant in our lives this coming year.



April 7 - June 15 2024

Spring is planting season, time to prepare our lives and plant what we want to grow in the next season.

This season we will learn practices that help create fertile soil for growth, focusing on self-love, love for others & creation.


June - Sept 2024

This season is about nourishment, & growth. We will have fewer regular meetings. Instead, we will sprinkle this season with events for joy and celebration.

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