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Spiritual Practice Groups

Spiritual Practice is all of the things we do with intention that connect us to ourselves, one another, creation, and that which is greater than ourselves.

Our spiritual practice groups are small groups that provide the opportunity to create community, learn (or re-learn) spiritual practices, receive support in engaging practices, and find our paths together.

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Current Group Practice Opportunities

The Wheel of the Year.png

The Wheel of the Year is a modern pagan term for an ancient way of viewing the world. Each season has its purpose, and we live in ways that reflect the season itself. Winter is a time to rest and reflect, spring is a time to clear out, plant, and fertilize, summer is a time to tend to growth (and weed when we need to), fall is a time to harvest, keeping what we want to preserve and getting rid of what we don't.

From fall 2023 - 2024, we will try out rituals and practices that help us live into the rhythm of the year, discovering new practices and ways of being along the way.

Past & Upcoming opportunities

Ground, Listen, Connect.png

Offered 2022-23 & 2024-25

We know that spiritual practice is good for us -- some of us even crave it. Yet with all the desire to make spiritual practice a part of our lives, it can be really difficult to make it happen. This series is designed to help people figure out what kinds of practices work in their lives *and* provide the support to actually do the thing. We meet every two weeks to learn a new (brief, simply) practice to try over the coming two weeks. Over the time between gatherings, pairs/small groups will keep in touch to encourage one another in daily practice. Then, next meeting, we check in and see how it all went!

Practices range from starting your day with a few minutes to check-in on yourself to movement, different types of meditation to political action as spiritual practice.


REFLECTING ON The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture as Spiritual Practice spring 2024

"White supremacy culture is the widespread ideology baked into the beliefs, values, norms, and standards of our groups (many if not most of them), our communities, our towns, our states, our nation, teaching us both overtly and covertly that whiteness holds value, whiteness is value." One of the ways we can tear down white supremacy is by recognizing when white supremacy culture is at work in our hearts, our families, our workplaces, and the systems in which we live. Only when we see it can we do something about it. This practice group will sit with two characteristics over the course of two weeks, creating awareness within ourselves without shame, noticing what we notice, and journaling about what we see. We will then gather to share what we noticed and discuss chances we can make to transform ourselves and our communities. 

This group will have affinity groups for any Black, Indigenous, Latiné, Asian or Middle-Eastern people who join for this practice group

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