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Growing roots for the work of liberation

An LGBTQIA+ celebrating, justice and compassion centered community for people seeking belonging





Rooted in the radical call to love and justice given by Jesus, we're for dreamers & weirdos; people who rarely feel like they fit in but yearn for belonging.

People seeking connection & working on their shit (or at least aware they probably should).

Those of us who live on the edge of hope and despair, wanting to lean into hope but despair is like hot tar and our feet are stuck.

Humans who want to save the planet and are struggling with eco-anxiety.

LGBTQIA+ people looking for a spiritual home.

People actively in the struggle against white supremacy, patriarchy, ableism, homo-hate, trans-hate, diet culture, hatred of fat people, and other forms of power-hoarding that harm us all -- and people who want to join the work but don't know where to begin.

Folk who want to ground their lives in something bigger than our individual selves.

People who like ritual (or are ritual-curious).

People who have been harmed by organized religion and kind of want to maybe sort of try something again.

Folk who want to connect with the practices of their ancestors.

We're for people who are into Jesus but also are really into crystals and people who think one or both are probably not real but want some company exploring sitting in silence with their feelings.


This isn't a bait and switch: our values are rooted in Jesus, you don't have to be.

We're not going to ask you to believe in anything, we hope most of the time you can believe in love.


Who is this for?

What is spiritual practice ?

We define spiritual practice as anything a person or community does regularly and intentionally with the purpose of connection to self, others, nature, and/or that which is greater than ourselves. Spiritual practice helps us find grounding in the midst of chaos, helps us stay connected when everything feels isolating, and helps to root & nourish us as we work to bring about healthy planet with which everyone is free and thriving.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ELCA Liberation Affirming LGBTQIA+ Queer Theology Christian Christianity

You are invited to help create a community dedicated to encouraging one another in individual and communal spiritual practices that will nourish us for the work of liberation.

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