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Worship Exploration

As a community in formation, we are trying different ways of gathering so that we figure out what works best for us as a community.  All of these gatherings will include prayer, scripture, reflection time, song, and communion and follow ancient patterns of worship with modern elements. It will be Christian, but also a bit expansive with some elements that are broader than Christian worship tends to be.

Upcoming Opportunities

Sunday evenings

the second Sunday of the month, times and locations vary by season

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ELCA Liberation Affirming LGBTQIA+ Queer Theology Christian Christianity

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ELCA Exvangelical LGBTQIA+ Christian Spirituality

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February 11, March 10, April14

During February & March, we will be experiencing dinner church as a community. Join us for a meal interspersed with prayer, song, scripture and conversation,


If you'd like to join us for dinner church, please click the link below to sign up! We usually don't do sign ups for worship, but I need to know how much food to make and what people's dietary restrictions are!

In worship, we gather to praise, to lament, to encourage, to challenge, to soothe, and to heal. You don't have to be Christian to join us, and we're not going to try to change you. If you're longing for community, connection and collective liberation, you are welcome here.

We gather for connection


We gather to connect with our creator, our ancestors, community, creation and ourselves. We do this in ways that are rooted in ancient patterns and practices, expressed through words, music, and actions that reflect who we are as a community right now.

We do all this through story, music, art, prayer

We gather to praise, to lament, to encourage, to challenge, to soothe, and to heal.

Wild Church
Septembter 10 & October 8
French Borad River Park, 6pm

Worship together in God's creation! We will gather around an hour and a half before sunset at a local park to worship together. These services will be both structured and spontaneous, with a focus on creation.

The Beauty of the Darkness
November 12 & December 10

As we move into winter and the season of Advent, we will spend time dwelling in the beauty and mystery of darkness. Think goth worship: candlelight, incense, chanting and Taizé hymns with prayers and readings that help us dwell in darkness. Location TBA.

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