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Community Facilitator

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Rev. Elizabeth Rawlings


Hello and welcome to the Community of Spiritual Practice. I hope you find a home here.

I'm a queer pastor and anti-racist organizer in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. My pastoral work is rooted in the words of Isaiah 58 and the story of the woman at the well -- God's call us to do justice and to sit with those who have been pushed to the margins of society. Most recently I served as pastor to The Sanctuary at the University of Washington where I developed a model of trauma-informed care for working with people who have experienced trauma.

While I have one foot firmly planted in Lutheran branch of Christian tradition, I engage a wide variety of spiritual practices including some that are connected to my ancestors and lie outside of practices that are traditionally considered Christian. Outside of my seminary education (3 years of seminary and one of internship), I have studied ancestral ways of connecting with spirit and healing with Ylva Mara Radziszewski and studied and worked with Katy Pavlis. I also work with plant medicine. I am incredibly fortunate to have had teachers who helped me decolonize my spiritual practices and to connect (as best I can) with the practices of my ancestors, both Christian and pre-Christian. It's my hope that some of what we do with CSP can help others in that process as well.

As a part of my spiritual and religious work, I create rituals for important life milestones from birth to death and am available for consultation or facilitation of ritual.

I currently live in North Asheville with my spouse and dog, where I play too many video games, read, and go on wanderings.

I look forward to supporting you in your practices.


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