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Connect, Ground, Listen

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Next group starts March 19!

This Spiritual Practice Group is for people who want to explore simple spiritual practices to help us connect with ourselves, get grounded, soothe our nervous systems and listen to our inner guidance.

These practices can be done with or without a belief in a higher power. The primary goal is to get centered in who we are and listening to our hearts and bodies.

Our next group starts March 19! Sign up today!

What's the schedule like?

Depending on the desires and goals of the group, we will try a new practice for 1-2 weeks and meet every two weeks for dinner and to share our experiences. We will also have some form of group chat (signal, slack, an app) for the group to check in with each other for support/accountability as we practice together. We will close with a winter solstice ritual.

What kinds of practices will we be doing?

Some of these practices may seem a little *too* simple, but spiritual practice doesn't have to be complicated -- it's more important to be consistent. Part of what we are doing in this group is experimenting with different types of practices that help people connect in their own way in lives that are often stuffed to the brim. Having a group of people to explore practices with helps keep us practicing and can help us find new ways of doing things.

Practice examples:

Connect & Embody:

Morning check-in

Dancing on your own

Body scan

Center & Ground:

Practice gratitude

Centering practice

Grounding through guided imagery

Focus through repetition


Listening & Presence:

Listening through images

Reading for inner guidance

Soothe & Reframe:

Self-compassion practice

Nervous system soothing

Creating boundaries

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Some of these practices are present in many spiritual traditions, some I have learned from various teachers (both in academia and life); none are closed practices.

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